Here are some of my poems. My favorite is Without You.

Sometimes I lie awake in bed and imagine
how much better my life would be
if you were here next to me.
~Alfred Sterphone, III
January 26, 2002

You say that you know me, but when I ask you
if you remember my favorite color,
you say,
~Alfred Sterphone, III
January 26, 2002

Unhealthy Candy
The candy tastes good,
but the after-taste is unpleasant.
Another piece.
The candy tastes delightful,
but the after-taste is unbearable.
No more candy.
Months pass.
The blissful taste is vivid.
The after-taste is forgotten.
A final piece.
The candy tastes much better than remembered,
but the after-taste is fatal.
~Alfred Sterphone, III
November 4, 2001

Turn of events
I thought I was ready
I thought I had control
I thought I could do it
I thought it would be easy
I thought wrong...
~Alfred Sterphone, III
November 2, 2001

Without you
I look ahead and try not to look back,
but you're holding a mirror in front of me,
and it's hard not to see what I've left behind
or think about the good times we've had.
So I'm stuck here, looking at what's gone,
as I try to start my new life without you.
~Alfred Sterphone, III
October 30, 2001

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